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 First of all, I would like to thank you very much for helping me get into my dream school. I appreciate the amount of work and effort you’ve put into me, and that you believe I can be a better artist. You taught me not only the fundamentals, but also to pay attention to detail. Although I only studied with you for several months, I saw drastic improvements in my ability to control and capture. Furthermore, I gained new knowledge in the human form, as I began to breathe life into my pieces. Sometimes, you gave me suggestions that seemed to be miniscule. However, they made enormous changes to my work’s esthetics.  

 What I admire even more than your skills is your conscientious personality. You take your job very seriously and sincerely try to help all your students to be the best they can be. You are also very easy to get along with, which makes your classes very fun, and I look forward to it every week. Sometimes, we even have delightful chats about our similar hobbies such as photography. You make me feel very at-home and welcomed.

I will continue to keep in touch with you once I begin studying at Sheridan, and consult for you if ever I am faced with challenges. I hope you all the best with your classes and continue to help out artists just like me.

其实在两、三年前我和我先生就开始为儿子的Portfolio寻找指导老师,先后跟随几位在温哥华颇有名气的老师学习一段时间后,都不尽人意,比较薄弱的部分提高都不明显。眼看离提交作品的时间只剩下不到四个月了,但感觉儿子画出的作品离所申请大学的要求还有一定的距离。当时那种焦虑的心情现在还记忆优新。好在和薛老师有缘,无意在网上看到一篇文章,写他的小孩在薛老师的指导下怎样一步步提高进步,最后考上自己理想的大学。抱着试试看的心情我们敲开了薛老师的家门,一进家里恍如到了某个museum,墙上挂满了大大小小的油画(后来知道已被某个博物馆全都收藏了),不用介绍就知道老师的造诣了,真的可以称为大家。整个画室布置得温馨且有艺术氛围。相信小孩在这样的学习环境下,耳熏目染,对艺术的感悟和鉴赏能力都会大有裨益。薛老师为人非常非常谦和,没有大师的架子。他详细地反复研究孩子的所有作品,使我儿子深受感动。在接下来的四个月里,薛老师真的投入了很多的心力,不厌其烦的给于指导,而且为了让作品更完美精准,每个细节都严格要求。这样在短短的几个月里,我儿子的作品有了质的变化。当我们今天拿着Sheridan CollegeArt Center College Of Design 两所大学的录取通知书时,特别是看到我儿子较弱的人体写生,被他最想去的Sheridan College 以满分4分的成绩录取时真是百感交集,真的不是一個""字足以表达于萬一的。在这段叩开大学之门的路上薛老师是重要的推手,要不是他我们至今可能还在门外苦苦徘徊......